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We collect quality excess food from donors, sort and distribute to charities who help people in need.


Our experienced team of trained volunteers collect and distribute food and clothes to charities in greater Sydney.

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We do want to do even more. Help blurp.

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Helping people in need takes time and money, so your support is invaluable. We rely on sponsorships and donations to help others in the community.

For more than 2 years we’ve worked to source, collect, sort and distribute food,  to charities who help people in need in the greater Sydney area.

Since 2018, we’ve helped many charities that provide help to the needy

Our dedicated team includes volunteers who do a varity of tasks within our organisation.

We provide quality excess food and other items and our work is making a difference. Our intention is to keep growing and provide more services. The donations and sponsors help so thank you.

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Our help others in need approach is different.

At Feeder Foundation we provide supplies for charities such as soup kitchens so they can increase the help they can give to those in need.

1. Source Sponsors

We source businesses that have excess quality food they want to take away. 

2. Collect From Sponsors

Our experienced team of volunteers collect food from our sponsors.

3. Sorting of Foodstuffs

Volunteers sort the foodstuffs once delivered to our temprory warehouse.

4. Packing orders ready for delivery

Volunteers make up the orders that are going to be delivered to the various chartities for that day.

5. Delivery of orders

Our van deliveries the orders to the various charities throughout the greater Sydney area and find out their requirements for the next delivery

This whole process of sourcing, collecting, sorting, packing, and deliveries takes time and money, so your support is invaluable.