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Our highest ambition is to help people

Feeder Foundation was created to provide relief for the issue of food hunger and poverty within our communities

Many need our help: young families, solo mothers, students, the homeless, the elderly and low income.

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Let’s help together.

Feeder Foundation created our donation exchange hub to provide relief to the often-unnoticed issue of food hunger and poverty within our communities. Food insecurity often impacts a large range of groups and is not simply restricted to the unemployed and homeless. Situations that exist where people lack access to enough safe and nutritious food for normal growth, development and ability to live a health life occur frequently even within the employed whether working full time, part time or casually.

Our team is committed to our mission of feeding as many people as need it. Through helping our network of not-for-profit charity groups, community hubs and soup kitchens receive the generous donations our sponsors can provide.

We are the hub that puts it all together and invite you to help provide food relief in our community by joining our merry Feeder Foundation volunteer team working out of our Rouse Hill location.

There are many in need of our help. Its young families, solo mothers, students, the homeless, the elderly and low income. Trying to reach those in need is harder than you think, many are embarrassed to come forward and ashamed they are in the position they find themselves. Often just being there to provide some help with necessities at their time of need can make all the difference, creating a lasting impact for these individuals and their families. Getting them through tough times and back on their feet creating a better community.

Demand for food relief and the service we provide is high.  The help you could provide really makes a difference to our community.  If you can offer 2 days volunteering a week, let us know how you can help and join our waiting list by filling in the contact information below.  We thank you and look forward to expanding our services with your assistance.

Feeder Foundation is currently making a difference by expanding the supply of food and groceries to a variety of Sydney charities for distribution to those in need and the vulnerable. To do this, our donation exchange hub has built a network of businesses such as food retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers who donate to us, which we collect, organise and deliver these donations to charities to gift them to those in need.


Sydney based not for profit organisation.

Feeder Foundation donation exchange hub aims to reduce good food and other items going to landfill while many within our communities are experiencing food insecurity and poverty. We can make a difference and that’s why we exist.

We are currently a growing Sydney based not for profit organization. Our donation exchange hub was founded by David Renwick in 2010. Being involved in the business community he noticed a huge volume of food and other goods being sent to landfill. After investigation, David realised these organisations wanted and were willing to give these items away for free however there was no one to take them. Whilst in discussion with a variety of local charities, he found out these charities simply didn’t have the facilities, such as transport and people to go and collect these items. Also, where each individual charity targets their help to specific areas of the community, they would only want certain types of donations.

This is where our donation exchange hub concept sprang from. Feeder foundation set about creating a working network linking organizations that can provide donations to the charities that can directly deliver them to the people in need. So David raised the funds for our first Feeder Foundation Van where we go and collect the donations for free. Sort, organize then deliver these directly to the charities that can use them. It really is that simple and fantastic at the same time. Our donation exchange hub makes this whole system work. Ever since we started, the need for our service has been there and we have just grown and grown helping thousands of the most vulnerable in our community which we aim to continue for as long as there is a need.


Support our community.

Our mission is to provide help and support to those within our community suffering from food insecurity and poverty. Done through our donation exchange hub which we continually improve to increase its efficiency, reliability and community impact for all our partners involved.

Food insecurity, poverty and the affects these have on individuals and families within our community is an unfortunately an all-too-common occurrence that often goes unnoticed.

Food insecurity, poverty and the affects these have on individuals and families within our community is an unfortunately an all-too-common occurrence that often goes unnoticed.

Feeder Foundation works every day towards ending this through:

  • Creating the infrastructure that facilitates the donation exchange hub. We provide the transport and volunteers to go and collect donations. The base to store, organise and distribute these donations to a variety of charities that can in turn deliver these directly to those in need.
  • Supporting, strengthening and increasing the services of these charities and food relief agencies to help more people and meet their immediate needs
  • Helping food producers and retailers facilitate their community donation activities and reduce surplus and unsold food at the same time.
  • Helping the environment by reducing landfill, redirecting edible food making the most of all that is produced.

Feeder foundation has now built a long history of effectively working with donors to provide these lifeline gifts of food and other items to our local charities helping the vulnerable within our community.


An ongoing positive difference

Seven days a week we are on the road collecting new donations. Creating awareness of who we are and what we do. Making new contacts of sponsors and donors. All while efficiently organizing and delivering these donations to local charitable organisations.

Food insecurity, poverty and the affects these have on individuals and families within our community is an unfortunately an all-too-common occurrence that often goes unnoticed.

Our work has made a lasting impact on those that have slipped in and out of food insecurity and poverty by providing a helping hand just as it is needed. We continue to make an ongoing positive difference to vulnerable in our community with the recipients often commenting they and their children are less hungry, less stressed and more hopeful to be able to improve their current situations.

In NSW it is estimated that we throw away almost 1 million tonnes of food each year. At the same time one hundred thousand people require food relief each month, a quarter of them are children. The Feeder Foundation is playing our role in closing this gap.

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